Floor Sanding and Polishing

Consider Floor Sanding and Polishing for a Luxurious Finish

Floor sanding and polishing is only one of the many affordable solutions we offer at love my floor. Our family-business is small yet very versatile and can bring beauty to your home through quality materials and excellence in workmanship. 

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Benefits of Floor Sanding 


Luxury vinyl tile flooring is the preferred solution for many home flooring surfaces due to the many brilliant features these coverings offer. Sanding it when it has served years of foot traffic can give it new life.  

  • LVT floors have a brilliant appeal that can brighten up the look of any room. Sanding it offers a true immaculate make-over from the ground upwards. These tiles authentically mimic various materials such as wood flooring or even stone while delivering a much softer feel.

  • Another reason why you might prefer to have it sanded is due to it being somewhat thicker than ordinary vinyl. The thickness of the LVT floor adds to a softer feel underfoot and you want to keep it this way by sanding and polishing it when it becomes dull. 

  • Durability is synonymous with vinyl tiles. These tiles are water-resistant and effective for the absorption of sound, are scratch-resistant and scuff and stain-resistant too – indeed a beautiful feature ready to last for years. And for after, we can simply sand it and polish it for you.  

Tips Regarding Floor Polishing 


Even though many DIY enthusiasts might consider the installation of these tiles as easy, there are several tricks to the trade.  Simply sanding down and polishing tiles after a few years is often not the answer to problems that could have been avoided.


Hence, we recommend professional installation and polishing of these tiles when they have lost their shine. You want it to keep its shine for as long as possible though, and that starts with installation preparation:


  • Check moisture. Your LVT flooring installers will check the moisture levels of the screed, which will be underneath your beautiful vinyl tiles. Our team will ensure that the moisture content is not too high. Too much moisture might cause problems later on and you will need a retouch or sanding and polishing which is not a long-term solution.


  • Right the first time. The installation of the sub-floor is a task of precision as it should be level with no more than 3mm tolerance over every two-metre span. It does require quite a bit of skill and knowledge to deliver a perfect result. If there are problems in the sub-floor, the upper layers will just enhance that and no amount of sanding or polish will fix it.

  • Our team has a thorough knowledge of how LVT floors behave during wear. Thus we know exactly how big the gaps must be between the tiles and the surrounding environment such as walls and cupboards. We also understand how to handle LVT when we give them new life and how to properly sand and polish it for a brand new look.

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Why You Should Use love my floor


It is hard to deny the attention to detail and the personal care you can expect from any family-owned business, especially if it is as small as ours. We care for every floor we install or breathe new life into, as if it were in our own homes. Our passion for the industry and love for people who live in spaces with beautiful flooring are the pillars of our success. 


Talk to us, and let’s take your floors beyond expectation, beautifying your home from the ground upwards.