Waterproof Flooring

Durable Waterproof Flooring Averts Moisture Build-Up, Mould, and Mildew in Homes


Vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl planks, and sheet vinyl provide waterproof flooring because it is made of 100% impermeable substances. We will gladly advise you on the best options for your Sydney home.


Problems a Waterproof Floor Addresses 


A waterproof vinyl floor can solve several challenges, especially if you have children or pets that may cause damaging spills. ​

  • Water splashing from sinks and showers, steam, high humidity levels, and leaky pipes generate moisture in your home.  Permeable floors in a basement may allow vapour to seep in from the soil. Moisture build-up can spoil furnishings and other expensive items and mould and mildew can spread through your home via the air, causing health problems. Ordinary floors can become discoloured, warped, and swollen if they get waterlogged. 


  • Waterproof vinyl resists stains and spills in a bathroom or kitchen. Liquid and dirt remain on the surface rather than saturating the material. Waterproof vinyl is easy to clean as you can simply wipe up the mess. Use a wet mop or steam cleaner for a proper scrubbing as a waterproof floor will not get damaged.  


  • Kids and pets that are not house-trained may make accidents that go unnoticed until a whiff finally informs you that something is amiss. The mishap will remain on the surface of a waterproof floor and can be easily found, however. Shoe scuffs and nail scratches don’t cause permanent harm as enduring waterproof vinyl resists damage.


A waterproof floor diminishes the risk of expensive repair bills, and you have a variety of wood, stone, and ceramic design choices afforded by the modern solutions currently available as regards colours and patterns.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Waterproof Bathroom Flooring


Are you searching for waterproof laminate? Research shows that vinyl is a better option in damp areas such as basements and full bathrooms. Laminate is water-resistant to some extent but cannot tolerate longstanding water because of its wood fibre-board core.

Luxury vinyl is available in tile, plank, and 12-foot wide sheeting, which offers a first-rate waterproof floor covering as it frequently does not require seaming. Vinyl provides all the advantages of laminate flooring – it is durable, stain-resistant, low-maintenance, and comfortable – but can justifiably be called waterproof and heat-resistant.

  • Luxury vinyl consists of multiple layers that can endure substantial foot traffic and moisture and consists of 100 percent of synthetic materials. 

  • Laminate is a trendy floor covering that permits realistic, three-dimensional surface imprinting and accurate images. The plank and tile formats are as easy to install as the equivalent vinyl products are. 

  • Laminate floors work well in low-moisture areas if you can clean up the odd spill or puddle straightaway.


Why love my floor is Cost-Effective


We offer an all-in-one personalised boutique service in Sydney, including a mobile showroom that comes to your home. Our affordable facilities consist of carpeting, tiling, timber floors, laminate, timber-look vinyl, and waterproof flooring. Our clients come first, and we provide knowledge, experience, skilled craftspeople, and a free maintenance starter kit with every floor we install.

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